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As one of the largest soybean importer and dealer in Hong Kong, in particular Canadian soybeans, Ng Wah International Development Ltd (NWH) is striving to cater the needs for different customers and specialize in the quality soy products. Our company provides the best solution with professional advice, as well as the selection of the most suitable soybeans, aims to help customers to increase the quality of their products. All the soybeans are directly import from the origin of Canadian suppliers, this enable us to act as a secure, stable and reliable supply source to ensure providing quality products at the most competitive prices. soybeans


Types of Soybeans

Canadian Grade#1 Non GMO Soybeans

Canadian Grade#1 Non GMO IP Soybeans

Canadian Grade#1 Non GMO High Protein Soybeans

Chinese Non GMO Soybeans

Organic Soybeans

Others Countries Grade#1 Non GMO Soybeans




The Factory of Beancurd

The Factory of Soy Sauce

The Factory of Bean Products

Food Manufacturer and Restaurants

Broken Rice
NWH has imported broken rice from oversea to Hong Kong, especially from Pakistan, for all noodle factory and food manufacturer


Other Grain Products

Black Beans