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Ng Wah International Development Limited is one of the leading suppliers and importers of Tapioca starch in Hong Kong. We see our customers as the most important assets of our companies. We aim to satisfy all their needs at most affordable prices. We produce tapioca starch both food grade and industrial grade. The industrial grade tapioca starch that we produced is much higher viscosity than the normal food grade.

Our company has been working as business partners with Thailand manufacturers for over ten years, we constantly develop distinct quality of Tapioca starch based on our customers in different continents. Together with our years of experience and expertise, we can supply all kinds of special starch or modified starch for different specifications according to the Buyer’s requirements. Our products are excellent quality and meets international standards.



Tapioca starch as a major tapioca product has wide application in the manufacturing process of the following products

1.Food: Tapioca starch is widely used in making food, baby food, bread, instant noodle, noodle, seasoning sauce
2.Sweetener: Glucose, lactose, and fructose made from tapioca starch are used as substitute for sucrose in beverages, jams, and canned fruits
3.Textile: Tapioca starch is used in 3 stages of textile processing: the sizing stage to make yarn smooth; the printing stage to make the colors even and the finishing stage to make the fabric durable and shiny
4.Monosodium Glutamate: Tapioca starch is the prime ingredient in making MSG
5.Paper: Tapioca stage is used in the stage of paper pressing and polishing to improve the quality of the paper. It is also used to thicken some kinds of paper, such as calendar paper and package paper.
6.Glue: Tapioca starch is a very important raw material in making glues
7.Plywood: Glue made from tapioca starch is a material in plywood manufacturing. The quality of plywood depends heavily on the glue.
8.Bio-degradable products: Tapioca starch can be used as a substitute to plastics to mix with bio-degradable polymer to produce a packaging material
9.Medicine: Tapioca starch is used to mix with active pharmaceutical materials to make capsules and tablets


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